The Kaldanis beekeeping family has a long history that began in 1880.


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With dedication to the art of beekeeping and tradition generation after generation, the Kaldani family has established itself as one of the most reliable and respected names in the field of beekeeping in Greece.

With continuous commitment to quality and innovation, the Kaldani family continues to offer high quality honey and beekeeping products, keeping alive the tradition and spirit of the business through the generations.

The Facilities

facility facility

The 470 m² packing plant is located in the Municipality of Thesprotiko Preveza.

    It includes two rooms:

  • packing room
  • a honey production room including a 50 m2 cold room for the biological preservation of waxes.

Distribution Network


Our family has a product promotion network that covers the entire Greek territory.

The products are mainly distributed through the following distribution points: Through the central warehouse of the Food Distribution Company in supermarkets and grocery stores throughout Epirus and Western Greece.

From the packing plant’s premises to customers located all over Greece through an organized courier agency.


Greek honey stands out for its rich taste and high quality. The unique vegetation and the variety of Greek plants that bloom on Greek soil offer honey a unique character and aromaticity.

The warm climate of Greece favours the production of honey of high quality and reliable nutritional value. Greek honey is synonymous with naturalness and authenticity, representing a centuries-old tradition and a taste that wins the hearts of people all over the world.

ISO Certification

The company applies ISO 22000:2005 Quality Certificate in all phases of production – packaging.

The ISO system (Food Safety Management System) is a specialised Food Safety Management System and is concerned with the hygiene and safety of food. The ISO system is mandatory according to both European and Greek legislation, which establishes the general rules of food hygiene and the obligation to comply with these rules.

The ISO system applies to the production process of a specific food and covers all stages of production, from the receipt of raw materials to the final use of the products by consumers. ISO 22000:2005 is an International Standard for Food Safety and Hygiene Management that covers the requirements of HACCP.